After our intial pilot film festival last year, The Palace Interantional is back with it's second year in Bristol at The Cube Microplex!  Piloted in a Polish Palace as part of The Palace Collective Artist Residency, The Palace International Film Festival, now entering its second edition in Bristol is an LGBTIQ+ film festival experienced with multi-disciplinary performances, workshops and panels from local Bristol and international queer artists over four days at The Cube Microplex, Crofters Rights, Curzon Clevedon and Boiling Wells Amphitheatre. Our film festival is audience-focussed and spotlights queer film with gender and sexuality at its core. This year we will be showcasing over 70 shorts film, 4 features, 2 panels, 3 workshops, 5 VR experiences and 3 club nights!


I am excited to present to you The Palace International Film Festival 2021, we're bigger than ever and showcasing a diverse array of intricately woven queer stories for every member of the spectrum. This year we have more focus making our festival interactive with more panels, workshops, Q&A's and club nights for the community. We are also excited to present our own mini queer immersive section and showcase fringe LGBTQ virtual reality at Bricks Project. VR being a medium that is prodding and poking at ideas around identity politics and storytelling. I am also excited (and a bit nervous) to introduce our new sliding ticket scale that aims to be as inclusive as possible to not exclude those who are financially struggling from coming to the festival. Pretty much - if you pay the higher price ticket, you are paying for someone from a disadvantaged background to come to the festival.



We are a collective of inquisitive minds, focused on developing confidence and creative expression in individuals and communities. Motivated by the lack of opportunity available for emerging creatives, we build networks and physical spaces that offer a supportive alternative to the traditional structures often found in the creative industries. We are an ever evolving international network of diverse art-forms, industries, backgrounds & levels of experience, united by cross discipline collaboration and collective support. 



* Change the world through the power of queer cinema

* Build an inclusive and accessible safe space for the Bristol LGBTQ+ community to appreciate queer culture

* Provide a unique community and intimate space for queer filmmakers to make creative connections and showcase their work​

* Activate emerging queer identities in our local communities

* Celebrate and discover emerging local & international talent​

* Nurture a creative community that will forge future collaboration for non-commercial filmmakers

* Bridge a cultural connection between the cities of Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw

* Appreciate film with a unique and intimate exhibition space

* Connect with The Palace Collective Residency community - sharing our skills, knowledge and resources for future collaborations

* Create a sense of togetherness with our filmmakers and audiences in response to the Covid 19 pandemic