FRI, 15 MARCH: 21:40

SAT, 16 MARCH: 13:00

This strand gives insight into the social sphere of the queer community. Why do labels exist? Particularly in the queer community - part of being queer in 2019 is finding your tribe (if you want to label yourself). This sense of belonging is crucial to those who have been marginalised and isolated. The connections made with each other and coming together to be heard and speak out against injustice towards our communities. Sometimes all it takes is just relaxing and enjoying being around others who don’t question your existence. There’s a politics in campaigning together, and a politics in how we relate to each other which this selection of film gives insight to.

A docufiction that follows the lives of three individuals who identify as queer. The work details their feelings and personal expressions as they navigate home and professional lives, and the establishment of non-binary self-definition without apology.

25 mins

UK, 2018

D: Michelle Williams Gamaker

The Swimming Club explores the destructive misconceptions society has for the trans body. For most of them, what it means to be trans is to be concealed, and the simple pleasure of being in a public place now feels like being pushed under the spotlight, up for debate and attention.

9 mins

UK, 2016

D: Nick Finegan, Cecilia Goldin

Filmmaker Sebastian Sdaigui spotlights queer pride and gender fluidity with his portrait of three friends, all performance artists, navigating homophobia and femmephobia with a dose of sass, grit, and camarader

7 mins

USA 2017

D: Sebastian Sdaigui

These performers challenge the stereotypes of drag and depict also their environment considered as one of the freest city in Europe. A documentary that explores a new approach of drags, cheekier and more daring which truly represents our generation, the queer community and its desire to go beyond sexual standards.

20 mins

Germany, 2017

D: Josephine Page Réda Ai

Escaping into a videogame world for hours at a time can be great fun. But what do people take away from the experience when they go back to their everyday lives? In this film, two trans people talk about how they have actively used videogames as part of how they explore not just their gender, but their skills, self-confidence, and self-expression.

7 mins
UK 2016
D: Mabz Beet,

P: Brett Chapman

A young migrant from Guadeloupe on the French vogue scene cares for his younger brother who is getting ready for his first ball. The Parisian voguing scene is one of the most established and rich in Europe, Still Burning is a homage to the dance movement.

9 mins
France 2016
D: Nick Rowley,