SATURDAY 11 Sept @ BRICKS PROJECT - 21:00 - 02:00



Four precocious preteens perfect their lip-synching and runway walks in anticipation of the biggest drag performance of their lives at Montreal Pride, in this fierce and joyous celebration of acceptance and self-discovery. BSL Translated


The futures that we expected have failed to happen. The shadow of modernist promise is thick and disorienting. The subject required for an exit from the end of history—a collective subject—does not exist, yet the crisis demands that it be established, connected, constructed. Join us at the event space in St Anne’s House for a night of chaos and dance hosted by Palace Collective members and some of the UK’s most innovative queer DJs and producers to INVENT TOGETHER. The lag of a Zoom call, the distortion of a drive, the fresh joy of our community reuniting and remodelling under the hallowed guidance of thundering bass and crackling hi-hats: this is where we can begin to formulate a future.

DJ's: Diessa (DJ set)