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It's a rollercoaster ride this pandemic! One day, one rule another day a different world! As a queer community, we must self-organise and take into consideration others' experiences.

Remember that other people have varying degrees of comfort regarding the pandemic and you should always consult anyone if you are not sure that they are okay with physical contact before proceeding to put out your hand or give someone a hug. 

We actively encourage wearing masks when walking around Bricks. When seated, we do not expect you be wearing a mask.

At the core of our Covid 19 policies, we are adhering to the 1.5 metre rule whenever possible and there will be hand sanitation stations at every doorway of every room which we also expect to be used consistently throughout the festival. You will be also asked to checkin via the NHS Track and Trace QR code when entering the venue.

If you feel uncomfortable at any point, talk to The Palace info point and / or email us at

CLUB NIGHT!!! Dancing + grooving comes with a risk! We ask for all attendees to either be fully vaccinated or come with a negative test from the previous 72 hours to ensure the  safety of all attendees.

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