This program explores being queer and owning it. Queers are fighting harder than ever to be heard and to be seen.  Queer as Fuck presents an ecclectic selection of performative work by functionally diverse filmmakers. From intrinsically-rendered stories of forbidden love to the intersections of queerness, this collection of titillating, tender and subtle shorts represents an unashamed claim to beauty, desire, autonomy and, above all the love for oneself. We take a step back from the individual and explore the context in which the individual exists. We explore these stories through the eyes of a community, understanding where we come from, and looking at where we are going. This selection of films takes us into different worlds and experiences, from the personal assertion of existence to the defiant fights for our right to exist in the world.

Whatever you like, whatever you do, these shorts will give a unique perspective to sexuality. Repressed sexuality and us not being who we want and how we want to act, there is a degree of compromise, of us questioning ourselves sexually and understanding what each other want. This programme explores sex positivity, repression of sexuality and the turbulence of sensuality with a subtext of freedom through experience.

This strand gives insight into the social sphere of the queer community. Why do labels exist? Particularly in the queer community - part of being queer in 2018 is finding your tribe (if you want to label yourself). This sense of belonging is crucial to those who have been marginalised and isolated. The connections made with each other and coming together to be heard and speak out against injustice towards our communities. Sometimes all it takes is just relaxing and enjoying being around others who don’t question your existence. There’s a politics in campaigning together, and a politics in how we relate to each other which this selection of film gives insight to.

Connections come in all forms, they can be life changing experiences or passing chapters in your day, they can be good or bad or non-binary. Regardless, the need for people to connect is vital to our very nature. In this short film programme, you’ll find personalities seeking to connect with family, friends, and strangers. But you will also discover individuals seeking out new perspectives from their experiences. The stories in this category are very diverse but they are united

The Palace has been running for three years and The Palace International Film Festival for two years. In this short space of time we have had over 300 residents come through our Palace gates and over 90 films screened from all corners of the world. This selection of films exhibits current residents and alumni’s work, experienced with the interdisciplinary mediums that The Palace falls under.

Whether alone or as part of a community, the people in these films live their lives on the edge, not quite fitting in. Each part of this short film programme focuses on these individuals and events in their lives, exploring intimacy, identity and gender expression. These explorations are seen from the outside and the inside, letting us into their deepest thoughts and feelings.

In every work of art, we see traces of its creator (be it an aesthetic or a layer the artist’s creative outpu embedded into the personality of a character. As the definition of selfhood changes within the context of immersive digital experience and the increase of our identification with these digital mannerisms, so too does the idea of connection evolve and morph. PalaceMIX.exp is a unique and eccelectic selection of queer, experimental film and digital media exploring these ideas of connection and self image. Showcasing contemporary works by queer artists that explore how various aspects of queer identity portraiture play out within a variety of approaches to experimental cinema

This programme showcases a selection of The University of West England’s 2018 graduates film students projects. From experimental imagery to a very Brizzle documentary this selection showcases the diverse talent of UWE_FILM students 2018.