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Living beyond the binary can be as liberating as it is challenging. These films depict the nuance and shifting realities of queer gender identities.

Venue: Bricks

Screening Time: 18:00

Venue: Bricks

Screening Time: 13:00

Date: Wednesday 08 September

Duration: 70 Minutes

Date: Saturday 11 September

Duration: 70 Minutes

The Backside of God.jpg


Director: Hogan Seidel

An experimental documentary utilizing archival footage, digital glitch, chemical abstraction, and direct animation to explore the intricacies of the artist’s relationship with their late uncle, Pastor Doug Seidel. This film is an elegy for a family member who found their, and your, queerness an abomination.



Director:  Abel Rubinstein

What even is a man? Why can't I wear a dress? Fuck it. Let's have sex and worry about it later.

Non binary_cinestill.jpg


Director:  Arnold Tam

The world as we know it is a binary one, a world so divided into left or right, right or wrong, he or she. This short fashion themed documentary tells the story of how gender neutral model Timmy Ng explores the middle ground between two genders, to stand up for not “he” or “she”, but “me”.


?G? A Gender Study

Director: Lison Mombellet

A documentary on gender identity and punk music with lead musician of the British band Forrest Flowers, Noel Oganyan. In an intimate conversation he speaks openly about how his identity impacts his art.


_Not Your Fetish_ - Photo Option 3.jpg


Director:  Rachel Edwards

Not Your Fetish explores the fetishisation of identity and the role that social media, porn and the fashion industry play in perpetuating it. Three people share their varied experiences.



Director:  Alex Hovet

Counter-Charge explores the shifting psychologies and gender dynamics of playing the 1989 adult computer game Leisure Suit Larry. An emotive story told through retro graphic animation.

Sissy Fatigue.png


Director: Olivia Norris, Oscar Oldershaw, Jackie Pratt, Joseph Campbell, Gonnerheous Reese

Sissy Fatigue follows the insidious transformation of a seductive blonde woman into a rage fuelled, bald creature. Bold and shameless, this is a film that casts off expected femininity with delight.



Director:  Pat Adams

Manity confronts us with a rumination on the torment of the self, the self’s relation to the body, and how the body is perceived by others.

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