Piloted in a Polish Palace, this queer and experimental film festival bridges the gap between Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw by connecting queer and experimental film from emerging talent. Experienced with multi-disciplinary performances by The Palace artists. The Palace International Film Festival emerged from The Palace Collective and Artist Residency in 2017. The aim of this Bristol edition is to give platform to the LGBTQ voice and to explore progressive queer attitudes whilst celebrating the extension of the term experimental. We connect queer work with the non linear and non-conventional  in our Palace laboratory, creating conversations and elevating experimentation for the residents and public to interact with.



* Provide a unique community and intimate space for the filmmaker to make creative connections and showcase their work​

* Celebrate and discover emerging international talent​

* Nurture a creative community that will forge future collaboration for non commercial filmmakers

* Bridge a cultural gap between the cities of Bristol, Berlin and Wroclaw

* Appreciate film with a unique and intimate exhibition space

* Explore the notion of transmedia storytelling in a digital context

* Connect with The Palace Artist Residency community, sharing our skills, knowledge and resources for future collaborations