The Palace Presents
The Cube Microplex


This ballet class is a queer friendly ballet workshop making ballet accessible for everyone who wants to get a taste of the glamorous and sparkling world of prima ballerinas   This ballet class is primarly for trans and gender non conforming people but open to anyone who respects this safe space and the individuals. Ballet is still highly gendered and extremely exclusive. With this workshop I would like to create a dancing space for non traditional bodies and identities in the world of ballet to break classical rules and give individuals the freedom to express who they are. The workshop will enable you to learn the very basic steps of ballet and will give you the chance to work on your posture and self expression in an open, inclusive and safe environment. There will be no strict dress code. I'd recommend leggings or tights but please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable! You can either train in socks or barefoot. Expect fun, relaxed and of course  some sassy vibes xxx