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What is The Palace Pass?

The Palace Pass will grant you entrance to all events, panels & film screenings at The Palace International Film Festival 2021. However it will not grant you access to the workshops


Although you have a Palace Pass, you will still need to pick up a ticket from the box office / info point at Bricks, St Anne's House for your screening or event.  These tickets can only be collected 24 hours before the event / film screening takes place (this is to avoid unused tickets & empty seats). We have reserved spaces in every screening and event for Palace Passholders and  although it is very likely that you will be able to get in, for the more popular events, we would recommend picking up your ticket as early as possible (within the 24 hours of the event taking place).  Tickets are available to pick up upto 20 minutes before the film screening / event takes place, at which point if there are any Palace Passholder reservations left, we will release these to the general PIFF audience.


Does the palace pass get me into the clubnight?

It sure does! Which is why The Palace Pass is a steall!! There has been a change of policy, all palace passholder will need to collect their ticket to the clubnight 24 hours before from the box office.


Where do i collect my palace pass from?

Once purchased, your welcome pack and Palace Pass will be available from the Box Office at Bricks, St Anne's House from Wednesday 08 Sep at 16:00


You can buy the Palace Pass on headfirst by clicking the ticket link above.

What if i want a palace pass but can't afford the £40

Let us know and we can have a talk about how you can get the most out of the film festival. Email us at or ask at the box office.

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THANK YOU to Well & Truly for supporting our Palace Bags!

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