THU, 14 MARCH: 21:10

FRI, 15 MARCH: 14:40

This program explores being queer and owning it. Queers are fighting harder than ever to be heard and to be seen.  Queer as Fuck presents an ecclectic selection of performative work by functionally diverse filmmakers. From intrinsically-rendered stories of forbidden love to the intersections of queerness, this collection of titillating, tender and subtle shorts represents an unashamed claim to beauty, desire, autonomy and, above all the love for oneself. We take a step back from the individual and explore the context in which the individual exists. We explore these stories through the eyes of a community, understanding where we come from, and looking at where we are going. This selection of films takes us into different worlds and experiences, from the personal assertion of existence to the defiant fights for our right to exist in the world.

Newbie queer teen, Ben is faced with the realities of his recently discovered sexual/gender identity when he is caught up in a homophobic police drug-raid in a gay nightclub in 1994. Inspired by a true event.

15 mins

Australia 2016

D: Meagham palmer,

P: David Morris varun-swaminathan

Pawel is absolutely positive that separation has completely dampened his feelings for the young man he was in love with. But when he finds an unexpected visitor at home one rainy afternoon, it turns out it might all have been a little different.

24 mins

Belgium 2017

D: Nicolas Graux 

P: Thomas MeysPawel

A montage of 1990s-era archival video and recent footage, exhuming cultural debates from history’s grave to re-animate a once-promised future, still to arrive.

13 mins

United Kingdom 2018

D: Morgan Quaintance

A ten-minute essay film made mostly of archive footage, ‘You Will Be Free’ uses a line written
by US actor/writer Cookie Mueller as she was dying of an AIDS-related illness as a point of departure for poetic reflections on the impact of the HIV/AIDS crisis, as well as notions surrounding death, the body and afterlife.

10 mins
UK 2017
D: Juliet Jacques

In this animated fairy-tale Filly, a lesbian fairy with nimble fingers, seduces women by day dressed as a boy. But at night something strange happens and soon half the population of Whatsit Village are eagerly queuing up. From the foam of the sea, fertilized by the blood of the sky,

6 mins

Brazil 2017

D: Sávio LeiteIn

A short film exploring the hormonal reactions that reject the narratives of mainstream Hollywood cinema and its notions of ‘love’ and ‘love at first sight’.

17 mins

United Kingdom, 2017

D: Renee Sutherland