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This year we need more help than ever before! The Palace is made out of a team of volunteers who have given up their summer to change the world through the power of queer cinema! The closer to the event, the more support we need. By helping us out, we can offer you 2 x tickets for an events or film per 4 hour shift and lots of giggles! We can also work out shifts around your schedules.

Please find below some descriptions of roles that we need support in


Fancy hosting some LGBQIA+ filmmakers and have a spare room or sofa / space on your floor for 2, 3 or 4 nights? They're really not too picky! This is a great way to share the queer magic of Bristol whilst blossoming a friendship with a queer artist. For this, we can offer you an entire Palace Pass!


Want to watch some fab films and get involved in the PIFF community.  Be that ticket stubber and share the cinematic love!


Interested in virtual reality or have some experience in VR? Be there to provide a safe space for our virtual reality programme. Guide people through the experience and be there to greet them as they re-enter our world.


Questions! Questions! Quesitions? Do you love answering questions? You will meet everyone and anyone at the film festival by being our main point of contact for all attendees. There's a lot of info to take in but we'll be there to guide you.



We've already got a fab decor team with some great plans in the works. This is  a pre-event role and things are already getting made in peoples living rooms! Looking for some arts and crafty things - join the team and let your imagination run wild!


From 2nd - 15th September, The Palace is taking over the Relay Project Space at Bricks with our exhibition Queer & Indecent.  We are looking for help invigilating the space and being able to answer any questions about the exhibition. Get in touch soon if you want to also help us plan our launch event on the 2nd September!


Do you like being that supportive friend on a night out? Are you good at listening? Join our awareness team / lead our awareness team which may be particularly important for our club night!


With so many  technical happenings, from virtual reality, outdoor cinemas to club night soundystems. Extra technical support is always needed and if you have any skills or just looking to learn - get in touch!

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