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Ecstatic Prance
Date: Wednesday 08 September
Time: 18:00 - 19:30

Led by: Rokas Buciunas

Ecstatic Prance is about free movement and playful moments of closeness. Behind our light-hearted idea is the simple act of dancing freely and the sense of belonging amongst the like-minded. How we vibe:

· Dance however you like

· Be brave, be silly

· Co-create a judgment-free space

· Let loose without drugs or booze

· Respect other people’s no-no’s


Expect an eclectic mix of bangers from diva-evoking disco to spacey electronics. We explore contrasting rhythms to tickle our imagination for what our bodies can do. After a guided warm-up, join us on the 60-minute journey of freestyle dance and self-discovery. You’re welcome to stay for a bowl of soup and chatter at the end. It’s okay to feel nervous, especially if you come alone. Dancing freely around others is a courageous act. Yet we come together to overcome our fears. Dress code: wear whatever you like but fancy dress makes us happy

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Queer Ballet
Date: Friday 10 September
Time: 16:00 - 18:00

Led by: Alice Klages

This queer-friendly ballet workshop aims at making the usually highly gendered and exclusive world of ballet accessible for everyone who wants to get a taste of the glamorous and sparkling world of prima ballerinas ✨ The class is a space for bodies and identities that are non-traditional in the world of ballet to break classical rules and express who they are. Learn the basic steps of ballet, work on your posture, and express yourself freely in a safe, inclusive and relaxed (but of course sassy!) environment. This ballet class is primarily for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people, but is open to anyone respecting of this safe space. Leggings or tights recommended, but please wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Training can be done either in socks or barefoot.

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Slime Time: Slugtopia

Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Date: Saturday 11 September

Led by:  Vix Williams

An interactive installation that employs UV-reactive slime as a tactile medium to combat anxiety and gives us a place where we can play, connect and collaborate. Inspired by the mating rituals of the Leopard Slug, Slime Time creates a visual representation of the Leopard Slug’s male/female dichotomy-challenging genitalia as a platform to converse about queerness and gender fluidity. Escape the detachment of the pandemic through sensory touch and play. Relax and unwind in a safe, queer space by trying something deliciously different. Don’t worry, we’re all slugly here. Attendance information: slime is messy, it gets stuck to clothes! Underwear or slime-proof/washable clothes are ideal (no sequins or fishnets) and excess garments will be safely stored by our host slugs, Groups will be held in bubbles, the room will be cleaned between sessions, and there will be UV and strobe lighting.


Queer DIY film-making workshop

Time: 14:30 - 16:30

Date: Sunday 12 September

Led by: Rob Eagle & Paul Samuel White

Got a story or concept for a film? Not got a lot of money? Have no fear! In this workshop, we'll be looking at methods of low- and no-budget queer DIY film-making, using the resources available to you. We'll go on a whistle-stop tour including pre-production scripting and planning, mood board and aesthetics, cameras and lights, post-production and queer film festival and DIY distribution. This is an interactive workshop for all levels of experience in film-making to share and learn from each other.


The workshop is facilitated by film-makers Rob Eagle and Paul Samuel White. Rob has been making low-budget documentaries for over 15 years with their latest short film 'OINK!' screening as part of the Palace Film Festival. Paul specialises in low/no-budget film-making with music videos, short documentaries and live art documentation. He has two films screening in the festival, 'Argos' and 'We are not a single species’.

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